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For a well-rounded and rewarding safari experience, the ideal number of days for a safari getaway is anywhere between 7 – 15 days. While this is a great benchmark for safari-goers, it varies from one traveler to the next depending on their travel requirements.

Early morning
This is generally the best time to spot the wildlife, as the temperature is cool and the animals are still very active, including the big cats, which will be returning from a night of hunting.

The Best Safaris In Kenya
  • When to go.
  • Masai Mara.
  • Tsavo.
  • Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba.
  • Meru National Park.
  • Laikipia.
  • Lake Nakuru National Park.
  • Amboseli National Park.

January is a month that sees the majority of ‘Safari Africa’ entering its rainy ‘Green Season’. Animals move with the start of the rains, dispersing over huge areas in search of fresh grazing, knowing that waterholes will be everywhere.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Safari for You
  1. Step 1: Decide What You Want to See. The first step to finding the perfect safari vacation is to think carefully about what you want to see. …
  2. Step 2: Decide on Your Mode of Transport. …
  3. Step 3: Decide on Your Desired Level of Independence
First Time Safari Tip #10: Stay Healthy
  1. Drink plenty of water from one of these travel water bottles.
  2. Keep yourself covered from the sun. …
  3. Stay limber. …
  4. Take antimalarial medicine if you are a worrier. …
  5. Get some shut-eye. …
  6. Take it easy on your stomach. …
  7. Bring a small medical kit with some basic needs for emergencies.

The best time to go on safari is between June and October, during the dry season. This is a cooler time of the year and you are more likely to see animals, who are searching for water sources. During these months, you can also catch the iconic Masai Mara migration.

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